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Squadnet is a all-in-one communication platform with all the tools you need for marketing, sales, customer service, and content management. Get a demo of our complete set of premium products to learn more about how Squadnet is easy to adopt, align, and adapt to your club.

What is this demo about? 

A brief about your club

Prior to diving into the demo, we're eager to learn about your club, its operations, and the tools you've utilised. Please share these details in the contact form, enabling us to tailor a comprehensive demo specifically for you. Your input will help us prepare a detailed demonstration suited to your club's needs.

Features Walk-through

Using the details provided, we'll guide you through features designed to assist your clubs, spanning from communication to sales.

Follow up

Following this session, a comprehensive PDF report will be sent to you. Don't hesitate to request our assistance in onboarding your members, as this service is included as part of our offerings.

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