Fully engage your members with your own club Calendar 

Promote club events and classes to all your members with ease.

Having troubles with sharing/cancelling an event 

Organizing events for your club is always a challenging endeavor. From uploading numerous events at the start of the season to tagging teams, keeping everyone informed about locations or cancellations, it's a demanding and time-consuming process.
Schedule multiple events
Generating events individually can be quite exasperating, especially when managing multiple teams or groups, making the process even more challenging.
Don't know who turn up
Curious about the number of attendees to properly plan your venue for an event? It becomes challenging when parents show up with someone other than the expected person or bring along their children.
Urgent event cancellation
Informing all pertinent members at once about inclement weather or an urgent issue your coach is facing can be time-consuming.

Simple and FRUSTRATION FREE event CMS 

Club events

Easily share a one-time or recurring event with RSVP enabled. Create multiple events at once with bulk upload for quicker organization.

Team events

Share an event effortlessly with one or multiple teams in just a single click. Enable coaches to manage and share team events seamlessly.

Class events

Plan classes and associated events using our attendance tracking system. Easily monitor class records for grading and other club management needs.

SEAMLESS Event Updates 

Intuitive event screen

No more confusion with busy schedules. Members get their upcoming events right on the home and calendar screens.

Real-time notification

Push/email/sms notifications for upcoming events directly to your member. No more missing events.

How to get started? 

To trials the simplicity of Squadnet's event system to assist you with club's schedule. Simply follow these steps:
1. Create your club
2. Import members using bulk upload
3. Download the apps and enjoy

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