Where your members hangout online 

Keep your parents and students engaged with your club through your own social feed, group channels and messaging.

Having troubles with club communication 

If you find that managing bidirectional communications with your members on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, or Teamsapp becomes overwhelming, consider utilising Squadnet to streamline and address these challenges.
Messy Club Feed
You don't want members to post to club feed with team specific contents, but they still do.
Too many teams
You have a post that needs to be shared with multiple teams, but you have to go to each WhatsApp group to share it individually.
Mixing private and public messages
Every time you need to send private messages to a group of members, you have to create new groups.

Reduce COMMUNICATION PAIN with Squadnet 

Club Feed

Exclusively post content from your club or permit members to share their content with administrative approvals. We endorse various post formats, including images, videos, files, and more.

Team Feed

Share content simultaneously with multiple teams or groups while enabling members within these groups to distribute content among themselves. Maintain teams continuously across different seasons.

Private/Group Messages

Require a private chat with an individual or a specific group of members? Easily select the appropriate individuals from your club without the hassle of navigating through all your contacts.

How to get started? 

Squadnet caters to clubs ranging from as few as 10 members to thousands. Our goal is to assist you in efficiently onboarding all your members to enhance and streamline your club's communication. Simply follow these steps:
1. Create your club
2. Import members using bulk upload
3. Download the apps and enjoy

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