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Beyond the typical club CRM system, our Squadnet app ensures seamless communication between your club and its members

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If you manage a martial arts academy, fitness center, or sport club, it's likely that your initial motivation was to embrace a more flexible lifestyle, not to devote endless hours to work. Your true talent lies in sharing your expertise and wisdom. Your purpose revolves around aiding individuals and making a meaningful impact on their lives. However, managing the business aspects can sometimes make it seem like your business takes control, leaving you with little freedom...
social media frustration

1 day per season

Onboarding and off-boarding large numbers of members to different groups from different systems

2 hours per day

Spending most of your time switching between social media, CMS and other tools just to reach out to your members

10 minutes per team

Not being able to allow coaches/trainers to independently manage their own groups' communication

3 minutes every conversation

Not being able to quickly communicate with specific members and getting distracted by other comments

Squadnet transforms your frustration into efficient 20-hour joyfull weeks

Effortlessly and efficiently oversee your club using a all-in-one platform designed to increase membership, sales, and member commitment.
Seamless Communication
Bulk onboard members to groups and start communicating with your members via Squadnet's feed, groups' channel or direct messages.
Single Calendar
Share club events, team meetings, and class schedules using one single calendar, which support RSVPs and attendance checking.
Unified Payment
Membership payments, merchandise, event tickets. All payments are easily collected and managed with Squadnet.

We know how hard it is to manage all aspects of your club

Master John Tsoutis

Master John Tsoutis

Red Dragon Taekwondo

We use Squadnet at Red Dragon Taekwondo as a club communication tool as it is an easy and efficient way to message different segments and specialisations in our member community.

How Squadnet works FOR YOU


Register your club

Simply create an account and register your club for 14-day access to all features.

Import your members

Whether you prefer segmenting members into different groups or having all members in one place, simply bulk import members via an excel file.

Download the app and enjoy

You can now start communicating with any members, groups or the whole club using Squadnet app.

At Squadnet, we know that you want to be successful at managing your club

In order to achieve your club's goals, you need to focus on what's truly important. The problem is that there are so many components and systems required to run your club, which can be overwhelming and frustrating. We believe in simplicity and efficiency. We understand the frustration of managing communication, events, and payments all at once, which is why we built Squadnet to seamlessly manage all of these using one system. Here's how to get started:
  1. Create your club.
  2. Import all existing members.
  3. Use the Squadnet app to unify all communication, events, and payments.
Create your club now to enjoy a 14-day premium trial. In the meantime, explore the different components we offer with full access. Stop wasting time switching between different systems and start making your members happier and increasing your revenue.

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