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Squadnet is free for your Club and your members if you choose the “Free option” that provides all these great features.
If you choose the “Premium option” that includes additional features, there is a small additional cost depending on your requirements.
Squadnet has been designed and built for club communities by a team that truely understands the unique needs and requirements of clubs and their members.
It provides all the value of current options such as Facebook closed groups and WhatsApp chats in a personalised app solution for your club.
See the top reasons why Club owners/presidents/admins prefer Squadnet.
  • Squadnet allows me to have all our club communication in one place, not across 10 different channels.
  • Members often message me on my own social media chat channels, Squadnet allows me to keep my personal and club communication separate.
  • There is no cost for Squadnet, why wouldn’t we want our own branded communication solution for our members.
  • It is great to have features like a Calender for training and games that sits write next to our own club notice board on the app.
  • It is great to support a local business who cares and understands about our needs and is so easy to contact anytime.
Here is a quick video for you to get started.
The whole set up process can be completed in under 5 minutes, although we suggest giving yourself 30 minutes initially to really learn the app and how it can best benefit your community over the long term.
Squadnet is a 100% owned and operated business run out of Western Sydney, Australia.
Squadnet has been designed for teams as small as 5-10 members all the way to large sporting clubs with 100’s of individual teams. As the admin you can create the app to best suit your clubs unique requirements easily, in your own dashboard panel.
Although Squadnet started as an app for sporting teams and clubs we are finding that other groups such as Personal Trainers and social clubs for their members, are also finding Squadnet fits their needs. As long as you believe communication and engagement is important in your community, Squadnet is for you.
Of course you can, please message us here and we will arrange one of our clients to get in touch with you.
If you have any further questions, please click here to go to our Live chat and one of our team will respond to any further questions you may have.