Grow your Club through Integrated Ecommerce System 

Increase memberships, sell additional classes, events, tickets and club merchandise all in one platform

Seamless purchase process for new and existing members 

Managing a store is a complex task, especially when dealing with a variety of products and services while ensuring seamless data synchronization across systems alongside existing member data. It demands a robust system and efficient coordination to maintain accuracy and consistency in all operations.
Once a new member purchases your membership, you can easily communicate with them using Squadnet.
Why only limit your class to existing members? You can also put this in your store to enable non members to buy class memberships.
What's better way to get your club branding out there? Simply sell your merchandise to existing or new members.

Simple and Connected Club Store 

Create your Club

We provide a two-week trial upon setting up your club with Squadnet. During this trial period, you can immediately begin configuring memberships, event tickets, or merchandise for your club.

Connect to Payment Gateway

We collaborate with Stripe to ensure smooth and secure transactions. Once a purchase is completed, the payment will be promptly received by you.

Start selling with Promotion

With just a few simple clicks, you can effortlessly introduce your initial product in the store. Additionally, you can incorporate promotions that will be prominently displayed on both the app and website for easy visibility.

Omni-Channel Sales and Promotion 

It's available for everyone

Anyone can visit your club and purchase directly from the store. You can easily promote your store on social media as well.

It's simple to purchase

People can pay by credit card, debit or After Pay. Payment goes direct to your account.

How to get started? 

To trials the simplicity of Squadnet's ecommerce system to assist you with club's sales and promotion. Simply follow these steps:
1. Create your club
2. Import members using bulk upload
3. Download the apps and enjoy

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