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Bring together families, coaches, friends, and supporters seamlessly! Simplify coordination and enhance communication for your sports club using our user-friendly app. Your all-encompassing club management solution is just a click away!
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After 45 years of sports coaching, marketing and administration both in Australia and internationally, I have experienced the challenges at the local grass roots level through to professional sport with all seeking solutions to assist running sports clubs.
Squadnet provides a real, valuable communication solution for the next generation in sport that I am pleased to both support and endorse.

Bob Turner

Bob Turner

Australian Sports and Coaching Icon

Eliminate stress with our club community app 

  • Streamlined communication channels for cohesive interaction
  • Simplified event management for effortless organization
  • Ecommerce-driven membership management
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Are you FRUSTRATED with countless hours MANAGING YOUR CLUB? 

Communication Fragmentation
Constantly switching among Facebook, Instagram and various platforms to ensure effective communication. Struggling to juggle multiple teams on WhatsApp or had a less-than-pleasant experience with Teamsapp before.
Lack of Centralised Information
Uncertain about attendees for a training session, spending numerous hours notifying people about event schedule changes. Data such as membership info, club communication, and event schedules are scattered across multiple platforms.
Complex Club Store Management
Struggling to manage your club's merchandise, memberships, and event tickets efficiently? Avoid dealing with complexities in providing a seamless shopping experience and transaction management for both members and non-members.

Trusted by 200+ clubs of all sizes 

Transform your frustration into efficient joyful weeks  

Effortlessly and efficiently oversee your basketball club using a all-in-one platform designed to increase membership, sales, and member commitment.

Seamless Communication

With Squadnet, your club's engagement reaches new heights across various communication channels:
  • Club Feed
  • Team/Group Feed
  • Direct/Group messages
Simply bulk imports members or invite members to teams and start communicating with your members via Squadnet's app.

Shared Events for family

Utilise a unified calendar to share club events, team meetings, and schedules. Our system accommodates various event types:
  • Club Events
  • Team Events
  • Class Events
Not only members can individually RSVPs or Check-in, their family members can also do that for them.

Online Store

Effortlessly manage your club's merchandise, memberships, and event tickets with our seamless online club store feature. Offer an enhanced shopping experience and easily handle transactions, providing convenience to both members and non-members alike.

We know how hard it is to manage all aspects of your club 

Magpies Cricket uses Squadnet for our member communication needs. The Squadnet team offer a personalised service and a passion for supporting Grassroots Sports Clubs.

Grant Plasto
Grant Plasto
Magpies Cricket Club
Squadnet has completely solved our communication problem by allowing us to streamline all communication into a ‘divide and conquer’ approach without double handling contacts. With Squadnet introduced to manage communication across all St.George Martial Arts Academy dojangs, we are able to communicate directly to the intended audience at any time and moderate inbound comms accordingly. I am not sure how we came this far without Squadnet.

Master George
Master George
St.George Martial Arts Academy
The Squadnet App is simply amazing, it is really a game changer for all sporting levels here in Australia from grassroots to the elite. It is a realgame changer for Community Sporting Clubs, because it provides great features such as-
  • Calendar Feature that can be used across the club and with individual teams.
  • Online Shop and payment features that allow clubs to sell merchandise, fundraise and take membership payments all in one.
  • Allows for sponsorship promotion both within the club and across the Squadnet network through the Squad-Space feature.
  • Allows for groups to be set for both the club as a whole and just for committee and team’s as well, thus creating more efficient lines of communication.
  • Plus so much more
The Squadnet App is the one stop shop that will make running your club so much easier, I urge you to get in touch today with the amazing team at Squadnet headed by Chris Barton and get started.

Jerome Buck
Jerome Buck
We use Squadnet at Red Dragon Taekwondo as a club communication tool as it is an easy and efficient way to message different segments and specialisations in our member community.

Master John Tsoutis
Master John Tsoutis
Red Dragon Taekwondo
Great App for running your club. We have been using this App for a while and it gets better with each version update. The App provides instant communication with all your members and has ability to post latest information. Another great feature is the ability to sell any club training equipment and merchandise. The latest version allows membership to be collected as well. Keep up the great work!  

Sensai Remo
Sensai Remo
Northern Shukokai Karate
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How Squadnet works FOR YOU 

Register your club

Simply create an account and register your club for 14-day access to all features.

Import your members

Whether you prefer segmenting members into different groups or having all members in one place, simply bulk import members via an excel file.

Download the app and enjoy

You can now start communicating with any members, groups or the whole club using Squadnet app.

At Squadnet, we know that you want to be successful at managing your club 

In order to achieve your club's goals, you need to focus on what's truly important. The problem is that there are so many components and systems required to run your club, which can be overwhelming and frustrating. We believe in simplicity and efficiency. We understand the frustration of managing communication, events, and payments all at once, which is why we built Squadnet to seamlessly manage all of these using one system.
Create your club now to enjoy a 14-day premium trial. In the meantime, explore the different components we offer with full access. Stop wasting time switching between different systems and start making your members happier and increasing your revenue.
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