Painless Attendance System 

Save up to 10 minutes in every class by allowing parents and students to self check-in

Making Class Check-In simple for you 

No more hassle with Squadnet's check-in system. Choose what works best for you.
Automatic Check-in
Simply allow parents to check-in their children and auto-verify.
Manual Check-in
Once someone is checked-in you can quickly verify them.
In person check-in by scanning a QR code.

Check-in action 

On-time Notification

We'll send relevant member notification automatically when check-in opens.

Self Check-In

Members can check-in on either app or website using a notification link.

Simple Review

You will receive a notification on the check-in. Simply open the app to review and change check-in status if you required.

How can I get this? 


Attendance check-in is available for classes. You'll need to join Squadnet, create a club, add your classes and allocate members to begin.

Class Events

Once classes are created, you can now simply link events to class. Class members can now check-in by themselves.

How to get started? 

To trials the simplicity of Squadnet's check-in system to assist you with club's classes. Simply follow these steps:
1. Create your club
2. Import members using bulk upload
3. Download the apps and enjoy

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