Getting started with Club Store

There are a few steps you'll need to completed before selling on club store. Follow this guide to set them up correctly.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/20/2023

Connect to payment gateway

Squadnet use Stripe Connect to streamline and secure payment on your club store. When you created your club, there are 14-days free trial where store is available for you to customise.
Follow the guide prompt to register payment gateway with Stripe. Make sure you have created a Stripe account first to streamline this process.
Once your account is verified; your store is now ready to sell.

Configure your store

There is a few configuration for store to make your process easier.
Configure recipient emails
By default, order information will be sent to all club admins. You can specify which email the order information go through by clicking on "Add Recipient" button.
Configure store location
Your store location is by default the same as club location. You can specify store location in a different place if that is the case.
Logistic options
If you are selling physical products which requires pick-up or delivery. Then you will need to configure this options. Enable "pick-up" if your store have that option. "Add delivery options" with cost associated with delivery depending on delivery service provider you are using.

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