Manage your one off or recurring member fees

It can be time consuming and challenging to manage your membership in one system and use other channels such as Whatsapp to communicate with your members. Squadnet makes it easy for you to manage both your membership payments and communication in one place. With Squadnet Package, you can offer both one-off payment membership or recurring options with a single click. We also make it easy for your members to make payment on behalf of their family member or team membership. It's flexible and easy.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/20/2023

Setting up your membership packages to sell

Step 1
Set up is simple to sell package/memberships, head to your Club admin dashboard and go to Store screen. You will then have an option to create new Package product. Click in on the box and it will create a new Package Product.
Step 2
You then will have Membership Options with different settings for one-off and recurring membership options, with flexible time frames.
Step 3
It is as simple as that. Once you click on 'Publish' button, any one who purchases your membership can join your club once they finalise their order.

Why should you choose Squadnet's Package?

1. Automatic membership renewal
You can easily customise membership option with one-off or recurring membership with automatic renewal. If it is parent buying membership for their children and both are joining your club on Squadnet, the renewal will renew for both parent and children.
2. Self-enrolment for members
If you setup teams/groups on Squadnet and enable member to select their teams/groups when joined. This will also work with member who just purchase a membership package.
3. Real-time transactions
The transaction occurs instantly, allowing members to join your club while you receive the payment immediately..

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