Promoting Your Club Sponsors

It has become much more difficult in recent years to attract and reward community sports sponsors. The Squadnet App provides clubs with the ability to not only promote sponsors and give them maximum visibility amongst club members but also the option for Sponsors to make promotions or special deals for club members.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/19/2023

Your first sponsor promotion

You can add club sponsors on your club dashboard. Click on "Sponsor Management" menu item to go to the page.
Click "Add new sponsor" to open a new page. Here you can add more information about your sponsor. Click submit to add your sponsor.
Adding product/service promotion to sponsor
You can add multiple products/services promotion to your sponsors so your member can navigate to those promotion right away. On your sponsor item, click on "Add new promotion" to open the form.
Simply fill-in information and submit that. The promotion will be appended to your sponsor.

How exactly my sponsors are promoted?

You sponsor will be shown to your members right away when they go to your club screen. They can also click on "View more" to see the whole list of sponsors.
Sponsors' promotions are shown below sponsor's logo. Your member can simply press the promotion link to go directly to your sponsor promotion page.

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