Six simple steps to get buy in from parents to use the Squadnet App

Getting parents to use a new App like Squadnet can sometimes be a challenging task, as some people are reluctant to change, but there are a few things you can do to encourage adoption. Here are 6 simple steps:
Written by: Chris Barton
Published at 12/17/2023
Provide clear instructions
Make sure you provide clear and concise instructions on how to download and use the Squadnet App to your members, please refer to your Club admin panel for assistance or call our team to assist.
Demonstrate the benefits
Explain to parents how the app will benefit them and their child and have one of your team or the Squadnet team come in and run through a face 2 face demo session.
Offer incentives
Offer incentives for parents who download and use the app, such as the chance to win prizes etc...
Make it a requirement
Consider making the use of the Squadnet mandatory for all parents. This can be an effective way to encourage adoption, but be sure to communicate the requirement clearly and give parents enough time to get acquainted with Squadnet.
Get buy-in from coaches
Make sure that your coaches are on board and actively using the Squadnet themselves. They can help promote the app and encourage parents to use it.
Provide ongoing support
Let parents know that the Squadnet team is available to help with any questions or challenges that they may have.

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