Understand different member roles on the Squadnet App

Squadnet provides different roles that give you control over your member's permissions. By default, all roles have ability to comment, like post, submit post to club and messages members within your club. You can configure permissions for specific roles as you wish.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/17/2023

What are the different roles does Squadnet support?

When you first create your club, you are automatically assumed as Admin. Admins have full control over the Club's functionality within Squadnet. You can also add other admins to your clubs to share club management responsibility.
Manager, Coach
Manager and coaches have the ability to create new calendar events for their team as well as basic functionality.
Parent, Athlete, Other
These roles have basic permissions. You can also adjust permissions to not allow one of the roles to create posts or messages in your club admin panel.
When "Allow anyone from public to join club" is enabled, anyone can join your club with "Follower" role. This role only allow members to receive new post from your club.

Which customisations does Squadnet provide?

There are a few options you can customise role to fit your club's operation.

Change role name

If your club have a different label for particular role. Etc: coach -> trainer/teacher. You can customise the label to make it more familiar to your club's members.
Go to "Roles & Permission" page. Then click on Edit icon from "Club Roles" panel to change the role name.

Change the ability to post to your club for particular role

If you don't want particular role to post, or want to review post before make it available to all member, you can change "Post Permission" for particular role.

Make group chat more accessible or more controlled

We have default settings to just allow admin, coach and manager to initiate chat with members. If you want to allow parent to start chat with coach for example, you can also change the settings in "Club Chat Permission"
Understand Club Roles is important for maximising Squadnet's benefits to your club's operation. Keep this in mind when sending out invitation to your members or change member's role as it can limit their ability to use Squadnet's to full potential.

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