Why having a simple online store can be so effective in increasing your Club revenue

The Squadnet App store allows you to quickly create an online shop front and at no cost to your club that can easily increase revenue opportunities. When you set up your Store for the Squadnet App you are also provided with a complimentary web page that also features your store products on it.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/20/2023


The store is not only featured in your Club App but we also create a complementary website for members without the App or for non members to visit the store.
For private sports clubs the store can be very helpful to collect member fees both one off and ongoing or even equipment or competition entries.
For community sports clubs who use registration platforms to collect Fees, the store can be very useful to collect money for events such as Christmas Parties etc...

What makes Squadnet store different?

The Squadnet store seamlessly integrates with your club's routine operations, encompassing membership management and event coordination. With Squadnet's store setup, you have the capability to sell not only merchandise but also memberships and event tickets. Upon a purchase, a streamlined automation process effortlessly converts new customers into club members, unlocking access to additional Squadnet features such as communication tools and calendar functions.
The club store is accessible both on the web and within the Squadnet App. Share your club store URL across various social media channels to boost traffic and visibility for your club.
Within the Squadnet App, the store offers a convenient method for members to make direct purchases from the club.

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