Your first club post

You can share club post to all members on both website and Squadnet app. The below guide not only show you how easy it is to post to club, but also give you ideas how to leverage other features to streamline your communication.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 12/20/2023

How to post to club

If you prefer typing, you can post to your club using Squadnet on the web. Simply type your post caption, attach images/videos/documents or create a poll post.
You can also share post to your club using Squadnet app.The Squadnet app is great for making short posts with photos and videos directly captured from camera. You can attach up to 6 photos in a posts or 1 video.

What are the other options for club posts?

Post review options
You can control who would be able to post to your club using Post options. If review is enabled, the post from a person need to be approved by admin first to be visible for the whole club.
Post sharing
Once your post is published, you can share it to other social medias or people. These shares are private to the end using using private links.
Public post
You can make a post public so none members can view your posts when they first visit your club.

How often should I post on Squadnet

The frequency of posting on a Squadnet really depends on the purpose you are using the App and the needs of your individual club.
From our experience of working with 100’s of clubs we can offer the following advice:
If you are using Squadnet for daily communication, such as you would a project management tool or a chat app, posting at least once a day a day may be necessary to keep everyone informed and up-to-date.
However, it's important to ensure that the posts are relevant and valuable to your members, and not just noise or unnecessary updates.
For clubs that are keen to use Squadnet more as a calendar reminder tool less frequent updates are fine. In these cases, it's important to ensure that the updates are made in a timely manner and that the team is aware of any changes to schedules etc
In general, it's a good idea to establish a regular posting schedule and stick to it in Squadnet. This helps to ensure that club members know when to expect and can plan their work accordingly.
However, it's also important to be flexible and adjust the frequency of posting as you need, based on the needs of your club.

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