Club branding and customisation

Enhance your club's brand effortlessly using Squadnet! Just follow our comprehensive guide to elevate your club's visibility and uniqueness.
Written by: Vuong Ngo
Published at 1/8/2024

Club Profile

If you follow the Getting Started Guides, you will need to Upload your club logo as first onboarding step.
Inside the Profile screen, there are more options to customise your club. The more information your club provided the better. Although optional, providing your address and specifying the sport will make it easier for new members to discover your club, especially considering Squadnet's international availability.

Club Branding

To give your members a familiar feeling, you can also select branding colours and enable it for your club. The colours should ideally works for both light and dark mode when you enable branding colours.

Language Customisation

If your club use a different terminologies compared to Squadnet's default terms, you can customise the terms to fit your operation.
For instance, you can rephrase Team to Group if your club prefer that way. You can also rename Sponsor to a different term such as Organisations if you want to repurpose sponsors section to display orgs that your club belongs to.

Club Links

You can also add link to your club website, social media accounts, etc... to your club profile. For more information, please see our updates on club link.

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